How far in advance can i book an event?

We accept bookings for events up to 12 months in advance.

Is there any type of deposit?

Yes. We require a $100 deposit for all events to secure your date. Remaining balance is required by date of event.

How do payments work? Do I have to pay in advance?

Mirror Booth Co. uses a state of the art, online booking system to process and track payments. All events require a 25% deposit to secure event date.

What are your cancellation policies?

Full refund of deposit will be returned if event is cancelled 30 days prior to original event date. There is no penalty to postpone your event. We’d be happy to accommodate your revised date as long as its available on our online calendar.

If in any event that the City of Chicago has a new mandate forcing a shutdown due to the COVID Variant, we will have to respect all protocols.  Unfortunately, there will be no refund will be issued. Mirror Booth Company is willing to reschedule our clients to another available date.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We are proud to serve Chicago, its surrounding suburbs, and Northern Indiana, and Milwaukee.

Is there a travel fee or parking fee?

If your event is over 20 miles from our Chicago Location, we do charge a fee. If no free parking is available, then our clients are required to cover the parking fee for our staff.

Do you have other payment options?

Our online booking system accepts any major debit card, credit card, or paypal payment. Please visit our Contact Us page if you would like an alternate payment option. We can accept check, money order, Apple Pay, Zelle, or CashApp.

Can I book 2 booths at one event?

Yes! We’d be happy to service multiple booths at your event. Please visit our Contact Us page to discuss your specific interests before booking online.

Do you have longer rental options? Such as Multi-day seminars, Retreats, Summer Camp, etc?

Yes! We are able to accommodate most long term events. Please visit our Contact Us page for special inquiries.

What happens if a guest damages the Mirror Booth?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. We have on-site staff to monitor the Mirror Booth to prevent mishaps. We are insured if any damage occurs during your event.

Suppose I book an event for 4 hours, but decide I want to extend the time for another 2 hours? Can I do that?

Yes! There is an upgrade option “Add 1 Hour” that can be selected during the online booking process. If you’ve already finished booking and would like to add more time. Please visit our “Contact Us” page.

Features And Upgrades

Will I recieve prints?

Yes! Photos print within seconds for your guest after each session. Choose the Scrapbook Package upgrade for copies of each photo taken at the event along with special captions from your guests. Scrapbook Album is ready to take home at the end of your event or sent via mail.

Can I get the digital photos after the event?

Yes! With Special request from you, photos are uploaded to our private online gallery. We will send you a link with the photos. You and your guests can download and share the photos with 

What kind of print options do your offer?

Size option include our standard 4×6 postcard format. Black & White filter options are available as well. 1-Pose or 3-Pose layouts are available.

I have some specific questions about the photo book. What is the best way to reach you?

We’d be more than happy to answer any and every question you have. Please visit our “Contact Us” page to submit an inquiry. We’ll reach out out to you in a timely manner.

Do you offer GIF’s or Videos?

Yes! Mirror Booth Co. can deliver GIF’s, Boomerangs, and 15 second video options.

What if I want to pause the Mirror Booth fun at my event?

If the client would like a temporary stop on the Mirror Booth action in the midst of the event, select “Idle Hour” upgrade option during the online booking process.


How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start at $399 for Magic Mirror Rental. We have a wide variety of booths and additional upgrades available. Visit “Book Your Event!” to select your booth and upgrades to see your exact price.

How are Mirror Booth Company’s rentals priced?

Prices vary based on style booth selected, number of hours rented, and upgrade options such as (unlimited prints, custom animations, custom background, and scrapbooks)

Is Setup and Breakdown included in the Package Price?

Yes! There are no extra charges for setup. We arrive to your event 60 minutes early. Setup usually takes 15-30 mins. Please allow 30 mins for breakdown after last rental hour.

Sample Contract

Can I See The Contract Before I Sign?

THIS AGREEMENT (hereafter “Agreement) is made and entered into by Mirror Booth Co. and {{client_name}} of {{client_address}} (hereafter “Client”) on {{current_date}} for {{service_name}} for the {{event_date}}. from {{event_start_time}} to {{event_end_time}}

Initial Payment, Fees, and Cancellation Charges

An initial deposit payment of 25% of your total booking fee is required to secure your booking. This can be paid automatically through our online booking system, or your event date can be reserved for 5 days over the phone until we receive payment by cheque or BACS. The deposit you pay to secure your event is non-refundable 30 days leading up to the event and reflects the work we put into events prior to attending, and the bookings we will have missed be securing your date for you.

All cancellations must be in writing and received by Mirror Booth Co. via email or mail. Once your event has been canceled, your event date will immediately be available for other people to book. *Please note all refunds of monies paid will incur a fee to cover the transaction costs set in place by our 3rd party payment providers. Purchaser will also be liable for all court costs and attorney’s fees if contract terms are breached and not fulfilled completely.

  • Cancellation 30 days or more before the event – refund of the full amount of the initial payment and/or other monies paid excluding transaction fees*.
  • Cancellation between 30 – 14 days of the event – refund of any monies paid, excluding the 25% deposit and transaction fees*.
  • Cancellation within 14 days of the event – refund of only 50% of the full booking cost excluding transaction fees*. At this point, it is usually too late for us to get another booking, and so we have lost out.

Full Payment

Full payment is required at least 14 days before your event. An invoice will be generated and e-mailed to you, or you can post a check for the final amount.

The Venue,  Access,  and Location

It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided the venue’s contact information, address, name, and postcode for our attendants to find you. We also require that the venue allows reasonable access for loading, and suitable parking once the booth and equipment have been unloaded. If parking for loading is restricted you will be liable for any fines that occur as a result and or time used seeking a suitable location. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or delays resulting from incorrect or missing address details.

The photobooths have the following dimensions, 110cm W x 200cm L x 205 cm H when installed. An extra 30 cm is required in height during construction and an area of 200cm x 400cm. 

The Mirror Photo Booth requires the following for operation purposes: 10’ X 15’ of sold level floor space, one 120V electrical 3 prong outlet (10 amps minimum) within 20 feet of set up area.  The circuit must be free of all other connected loads.

Events beyond our Control

{{business_name}} cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include but are not limited to, severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness, or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control, we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances, our liability will be limited to refunding all of the monies paid.

Set-up of Services

We will arrive to set up approximately 60 minutes before the hire period is due to commence. If you require the booth to be set up earlier an idle time charge applies.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue has agreed for us to be in attendance at their venue and at the agreed time. This also includes ensuring that there is access to enter the venue and enough space with a power socket within 6 feet of where the services are to be. If there is insufficient space for us to set up you will still be charged the full hire amount.

It is your responsibility to inform us of any circumstances that may make setting up take longer, these may include but are not exhaustive to;  going upstairs, a long distance from unloading area to set-up area, restricted access. If we are not aware of these and the set-up takes longer than normal your hire period may be intruded into.

It is your responsibility to provide internet access. We require Wi-Fi to provide unlimited text photos to guests. If your venue does not provide the access code, We cannot provide this service.

In the case the above contracted date is scheduled to be outdoors, the purchaser will furnish at their expense, a (20’ W X 20’ L X 10’ H) Leak Proof protective tent with sidewalls, (NO POP UP TENTS) for the Mirror Photo Booth. The attendant has the right to refuse setup at their discretion if tent is not suitable.

If the above contract event is scheduled on a second-floor level, purchaser will make sure there is an elevator available for load in and load out of the Mirror Photo Booth. If no elevator is available, then purchaser will supply at their expense, additional help to get the Mirror Photo booth to the second level.

Attendant will provide a tip jar which is completely optional for your guests to partake in. No solicitation will take place.

Hire Period

The hire period will be for a set period, typically three hours, but as specified in the booking form and as agreed by both parties before. In addition, this will cover the 60 – 90 minute setup time and 30-minute pack downtime. The use will commence at the agreed time and finish at the agreed time in the booking form unless due to technical difficulties on our behalf when we provide the service for the set period once rectified.

If your event simply starts late or runs late, our period of hire will still be for the agreed period and times unless we agree to provide additional hours as per our additions.

Children love our photo booths and we love making everyone happy. In some cases, however we may decide to enforce our “Children under 13” Policy to maintain order in and around the photo booth.  The “Children Under 13” policy states that children under the age of 13 will not be permitted to utilize the Mirror Photo Booth without an adult present.  We rarely need to enforce this policy but will not hesitate in the event of incident.

No Liability is accepted for:

  1. Loss of or damage to property belonging to or traveling with the members of any group. For example watches, jewelry, cameras, or clothing.
  2. Personal injury or death of any participants however caused unless proven by the negligence of Mirror Booth Co.
  3. Any additional equipment that is not provided by Mirror Booth Co. (Lighting, Backdrops, Photo Templates, Decor, etc)

Photo Layout:

  1. All templates, start screens, photos taken, and content has been deemed the property of Mirror Booth LLC once created or uploaded.
  2. No Changes are to be made to the start screen or template after 1st selection.
  3. Mirror Booth Co. advertisement must occupy .5 X 6 inches of the photo template.

Termination of Hire

Mirror Booth Co. will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to our employees. If this occurs {{business_name}} retain the right to terminate the hire, with no refund payable for hire time that has been cut short. We are providing a service to you, our staff should be treated with the respect they deserve.

Mirror Booth Co. also retain the right to terminate a hire if they feel that any equipment or property belonging to Mirror Booth Co. is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to unruly behavior from you. We also reserve the right to refuse guests to participate in the activities if we feel they are too unruly.

In any instances where we feel there is a need to terminate the hire, we will attempt to speak with you or the hosting venue first, if possible to try to resolve the matter before termination.

You will be fully responsible for any damages caused by you or any other attendees at the event to the booth or booth equipment howsoever caused, with the sole exclusion of Mirror Booth Co. staff.

In the event of any damages caused by those present to property or equipment in use by Mirror Booth Co., you will be charged the full replacement cost and are liable to the cost involved in termination of future events due to sourcing replacements.

Any damages must be reported to a member of Mirror Booth Co. staff immediately.

Mirror Booth Co.

444 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 1200

Chicago, IL 60611